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Hi all. First post so I'll introduce myself. I live in the mid west USA. My first rc flight was a Hobby King 250 quad that I researched and built up about 2 years ago. I enjoy it but 6 minute flight times probably keep me less active than I'd like. I found Flite Test about a year ago. Last year I started thinking about paramotor training, but with a daughter on the way I decided to avoid the risk. Then I thought maybe fpv fixed wing would be a decent safe alternative. Fast forward a bit, coming out of winter I now have a ZOHD Nano Talon with about 3 hours in the air, and a pair of FT Sparrows in a box waiting for baby to sleep long enough to assemble. I've also just been learning the 3d printer for some NANO Talon repair parts (its air worthy again). Right now I'm just learning how to fly around my property 3rd person, and learning the tech. My goal is to move toward long distance exploration.

So that's me and the relevant bits. Nice to be here.