1. Joexer

    Question on a Novel Concept

    I have always wanted effective yaw for flying wing type design, but all of the "traditional" ways of handling this axis have major drawbacks. Drag Rudders are complicated, Differential Thrust is (IMO) crude and inelegant, Rudders don't have an effective moment. I began looking at flying wing...
  2. M

    Rudder and unexpected yaw behavior

    Hi dears, I enjoy building my own airplanes and recently I have built 2 of them that the rudder is causing an unexpected yaw behavior. Please, help me to find out what is going on. Before start I would like to point out that the controls are not reversed, and, besides the rudder, all other...
  3. O

    Insane FT Arrow, 2500 degrees/second Flat Spin

    Felt obligated to share this crazy thing my roommate recently made. With 2400kv 1808s set up on reversing afro 30 amps this thing is able to rotate about its yaw axis at about 400RPM. I don't think there has ever been any FT arrow able to do this. When parallel to the horizon, it is almost...
  4. A

    Eachine wizard x220, NO YAW?! HELP ME!!!

    For most of the day I have been trying my best to get this quad to fly. I can hover, pitch forward and back, roll left and right. But I have no yaw control? I have read many articles about rates and expo. From what I've read, I think I have it setup right, however, still no yaw. On the...
  5. milkydeathgrind

    HELP with my 250 build (Unexplained extreme left yaw in horizon mode)

    So this is my second 250 class racing FPV quad and I am having a confusing issue while in horizon mode. First off my build consists of: -Diatone Blade 250 frame with integrated PDB (also have tried using a separate PDB on the build) -10DOF Naze32 rev6a FC (have also tried with Naze32 rev5 acro...
  6. K

    Help with Naze32 - No Yaw control!

    Please can someone help me out? I am working on building my first quad (experienced pilot but not builder) and I have setup the naze32 on my custom quadcopter and pitch and roll work but I have no yaw control over the quad? The board recognizes my inputs for yaw and they are in the correct...
  7. K

    Rudder for Tricopter

    Hi Guys New to this forum and love RC i have raced alot of cars over the years and want to take to the skys :) I have been watching the channel for the last few months (like 6 months) and after watching the quadcopter vs tricopter review and some tricopter reviews decided this was the way i...
  8. K

    Cleanflight 1.9.0 has problem storing servo settings...

    Hey guys, Just finished my Electrohub Tricopter and had a problem with the tail servo and gyro being reversed. The servo tab in cleanflight had a Normal/Revese setting but it would not save when I changed it to reverse. After a little Googling I found this and it worked for me. under the CLI...
  9. E

    Why is my Dragonfly spinning?

    I am having problems with my first tricopter build. I purchased the Dragonfly and I have it put together. Unfortunately every time I give it throttle, the whole copter spins. The tough-tilt keeps pitching to the right. Does anyone know what I can do to fix this?
  10. V

    Multiwii 2.4 - Tricopter - How to activate yaw servo?

    Hi! I'm a multiwii-beginner and I am assembling a "2.0" version of my tricopter. Last year I used a FyeTech FY-901 FC, but I wanted something with more options so I bought a Crius AIO Pro 2.0 card. I have hooked up all the electronics, and it seems to be working fine. All except the yaw servo...
  11. zenguerilla

    yaw lock

    Greetings FT com. Is there a reason yaw would lock up intermittently if everything else seemed in order? This is the maiden of a mini with Naze32. Yaw moved fairly fine, ok, had not noticed anything until suddenly locked up. Trying to then move yaw a few more times it would twitch a couple of...

    Naze 32 board, random yaw issues.

    Hey guys, ran into a problem with my new Acro Naze32 board and was hoping y'all could help. Quad: Acro Naze32 Multistar Elite 2204-2300KV Multi-Rotor Motor Q Brain 4 x 20A Brushless Quadcopter ESC Gemfan 5040 Multirotor Propellers The Frame is of my own design but is very similar to the...
  13. T

    How do i program DX6I for drag rudder. AKA differential Yaw !!HELP!!

    Hello, I'm just finishing up a flying wing I designed. I just picked up a new Spektrum DX6i and I'm having trouble figuring out mixes. Its a traditional elevon setup however I have drag brakes on each wing (similar to the B-2), each with their own servo. How do I setup so that when left (or...
  14. N

    Cleanflight PID controller 2 Yaw overshoot tuning

    Hey Guys, I'm in the laborious process of tuning my QAV 250 and need some advice from the guru's. I'm pretty happy with the flying characteristics for PID Controller 0 and had NO luck with PID Controller 1 but with Controller 2 (Floating point) I am actually quite happy with the exception of...
  15. C

    Anyone fly the Rcexplorer Tri v3 With Naze32 (cleanflight) ??

    Hi everyone Can anyone tell me the PID settings for the yaw axis in cleanflight. I did the autotune and got a yaw P value of 11.1 Want to confirm this is normal or not. Thanks . Chamika
  16. A

    Yaw problem or rather no Yaw

    Hi all I have noticed that the Yaw of my control board, have not been doing what is was suppose to, okay well not working, so last night I too a closer look at the board & saw there was some movement to the Yaw breakout board on the KK Blackboard, after a wiggle it came loose, so today i'll be...
  17. I

    Tricopter Yaw issues (APM)

    I have recently built a tricopter that has been flying well in stability mode until the past couple short flights. It now constantly turns to the left (yaw axis) now and I can still control it but I have to correct for left spin. I am using the APM 2.5 (hobbyking version) with an external...
  18. inflytRC

    Cheap and Easy to build Tricopter Tilt / Yaw Mechanism: The Barrel Bolt Yaw

    If you're looking for a quick and cheap way to build a tilt mechanism for your tricopter, here's one that I came up with that might interest you... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KZerXxwRcrg hope this helps! -jeff
  19. A

    [Tricopter] weird torque issue

    Hello Flitetest community After a minor crash with my tricopter it seems to generate way less CW torque than the FC expects, making the tri spin CCW. To compensate, I have to bring the tail rotor in a position where it's sligtly tilted to the left rather than being tilted significantly to the...
  20. S

    Quad balancing and yaw problems

    how do you guys balance a square quad? I always thought that balancing diagonally prop to prop was the right way to do it but i'm struggling getting the yaw to be stable. Im getting some wobbling when yawing quickly. Is this normal with a quad or should i be getting a smooth stable yaw even...