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Help!! With Pizza Box Fliying Wing

Hello guys, big question and asking for help over here...

I manage to build the pizza box fliying wing from Josh video... But it won't fly...

First I build a medium size and not luck at all... Then I tried again with smaller size and nothing... When I launch it, goes straight to the ground.... I already test moving battery to adjust CG but not luck so far....

I'll appreciate any thoughts or help...

My setup is
EMAX RS1306 4.000kv motor
Dys 15amp esc
9gr servos
Flysky RX

About lípos, I'm trying with two sizes....
First a 3S 600mAh, weights 60gr.
And a 1000mAh 3S, weights 100gr.

Any thoughts...

I will left over here a small video from my many tries...




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you sure you have your delta/elevon mix correct?

confirm; when viewed from the rear of the craft looking forward in the direction of flight.

when you pull up elevator- both elevons come up
when you push down elevator- both elevons go down
when you give right aileron - right elevon goes up, left goes down
when you give left aileron- the left elevon goes up, the right goes down.

also check to make sure your motor is mounted straight, with no up or down incidence.

great thing about these kind of failures is all you have to do is order another pizza!

good luck.

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i also think your optimistic to be flying on that mah size battery. i would go as small as possible, keep it as light as possible. after looking at your pics again, i think part of your problems may be the 1306 motor and all the weight you have to add to get a CG to balance.

Josh used an 1106 on his and the size diff between that and your 1306 is pretty substantial. just a thought.

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Thanks for reply...

Yes... The mixing is correct.... After first failure maiden on Version 1, I put everything into a scratch foam wing and after correct the cg, it flown just great... The AUW for that one was about 270gr...

I think it might have to be the battery weight as mrjdsterwart says.... But that's all lipo power that I have....

Now... Any recommendations over other kinds of build that could go with this setup?

This one below was the foam version that works...
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Thanks for reply...

Now... Any recommendations over other kinds of build that could go with this setup?
why yes i do....LINKY

this is my own design i use to teach people how to build and fly. will work fine with your set-up and is easy to build and fly. on a 3S w the 2205-2300 it will hang in the air, it will fly by in a blur, it will roll, loop, snap roll, fly inverted, all in almost any wind condition. plus, it is almost indestructible, and if you do manage to hurt/kill it, its $1.5 worth of foam.

let me know if you have questions or if you building.


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I am not sure if you have access to any FB but if you do you could try one of these, https://forum.flitetest.com/index.php?threads/collaborators-build-1-800-mm-kfm-flying-wing.54085/

So far I have built over a dozen and ALL are still flying. motors from 100W 1400kV to 300W 2200kV with batteries to suit. Can even handle heavy setups including FPV. Battery sizes used to date from 1250 3S to 2200 4S all on the same wing. Low power good for beginner to advanced beginner and a high power ship for insane fun for experienced pilots.

Very crash resistant and easy repairs, (so far no repairs required even though a number have had less than ideal landings).

Have fun!


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oops, forgot you had the 1306 not the 2205. if you scale it down 50% you will be fine. i have built one that flew on a 1806 @ 80% and it was lot's of fun.


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Any luck with fixing the issue?

Side note: whats the original specs on the original design? The links are gone from the write up..