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Hexacopter punchout


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Hi all!

I went out for an evening flight on Sunday evening with my large hex with gimbal.
Lately I have been enjoying the fpv experience flying the large hex with fatsharks and the gopro with Gimbal, it's very calming and feels somehow like meditation, about 15 minutes flight on a single battery, you can certainly go quite a while :)

For those of you who haven't ever seen it mentioned earlier on the thread.

Tarot FY980 frame
APM 2.6
Turnigy Multistar 700kv pankake
Jdrones-Simonk reflashed 30amp ESC's
13x3.8 CF props
4s 6000 mAh battery



Anyway, I though I would try a punchout as I've actually never done it and it was surprisingly fast considering the relatively large props. The Gimbal tried it's best but sometimes hickuped a little against the acceleration.

What's also interesting is the fact that I need some more "I" in my tuning as you can see the hex spin on the yaw access upon full acceleration.

Hope you enjoy this quick post.



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Thanks Guys!

I will have to do more once the weather clears up, I do worry a little bit thought as normally this is only a hovering ship with waypoint autonomous flying or simply hanging in the air doing photography jops and occasional "follow me" type shots.

I remember one of the esc's is a 20 amp, the others all 30 amp, I always worry with those kind of punch-outs that the esc will cook and down comes the whole thing.

Oh well, no risk, no reward.


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That is really cool! Both the build and the story. You might consider a WarpQuad 230 for punchouts. Might save you some heart ache...