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Endurance Quadcopter Build-Off


Wake up! Time to fly!
Well done Snarls. Great start on this part of your endeavor.

I will extend a guess and say your motor noise and poor handling is due to all the filtering they added to betaflight. It expects higher pids and rpm ranges I would assume.

Since you are only hovering for this I suggest shutting all the filters off and just tweek with pids.

This will save a ton of power for the processing and you can get a better hover without all them filters I am sure.

One more suggestion is ditch angle mode and use horizon with these settings. MUCH more smooth then angle mode.

Horizon strength = 20
Horizon transition = 20
Angle limit = 10
Sensitivity = 25

Those will stop the lurching caused by super strong angle mode settings and will require less adjustment or control inputs to keep in a tighter area.

Also as a last point raise your min throttle about 10 points higher then you usually do to help the lil beastie with ground effect from walls or tables or anything near propwash bounces off of.


Gravity Tester
This is a fascinating project. Thanks for sharing your progress so far!
Thanks for joining me in the journey so far Allister.

Thanks for the tips Psyborg, I will definitely be trying them out. I also want to try disabling damped light to see how that affects efficiency. The ESCs run blheli_s were damped light is always on, so I'll have to see if I can flash regular blheli on them.

I am at home for Thanksgiving now, without the quad, so I will be picking this back up next week. Happy Thanksgiving to you all.