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Hey! New here. Showing off my scratchbuilt FFF plane! Tell me what you think

So I decided to build a plane out of my spare quadcopter parts and some foam and servos etc. This is what I came up with. Its pretty crude, and I havent flown it yet, but finished it today. I'm not sure if I should add ailerons. Btw, this is my first build, and I have never flown any RC plane before (only helicopters and multirotors) but im familiar with the concept. Gonna paint it red (if it flies)

1000kv motor
10x4.5 prop
2200mah battery (3cell)
30 amp esc
8ch reciever/transmitter
whole plane scratchbuilt without plans out of Fan fold foam and a few wooden pieces
credit card control horns
9g servos
sterl wire control rods (will be uskng pianowire from now on) image.jpg image.jpg
Crap, forgot the dihedral. Funny thing, I was wondering how people could only fly with rudder and elevator while I was building this. Ailerons it is!
So I tried taxiing today. Looks like my wheels got demolished. But At half throttle (while holding it) it managed to hover. So it has enough power, thats for sure! image.jpg

I was finally being able to make it go in a straight line. So I decided to do a takeoff. I noticed my elevator was inverted, so I went to quickly fix that. The controller glitched as the plane ended up going full throttle sideways into a car (it was ready for the junkyard so no probs). Ended up destroying itself, ripping off the wing, damaging the internal mountings etc. Not sure if I will bother repairing as Im already working on a flying wing and a glider. R.I.P greenie