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Hi, i am new to Rc flying -
I watched a ton of youtube flite test videos, and though it might be a good idea to go into that hobby.
Going to do first build in the next days: - will it even fly? Will it crash instantly? - we will see :D
Ideas and comments are very welcome.

Parts ordered so far:
Servos: 2 xSG90A 9G Micro Servo
Motor: Brushless A2212 2200kv
ESC: 30A has BEC: 2A / 5V
Props: 6035
Transmitter : Turnigy T6A-V2 AFHDS 2.4GHz 6Ch + Corresponding receiver.

Plane model: Either some scratch build from foamboard, or the HK Bonsai II 600mm fixed wing (pusher).
Power: some 3S 900 mah or 1200 mah Lipo.

Flight controller / stabilizer: not sure if i should get one, or if the receiver / transmitter even works with one.

edit : CC3D ? does that thing work with the T6A-V2 ?
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I’d recommend a Tiny Trainer as your first build. The bonsai is a great plane but it will be too fast for your first plane.


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You don’t need a flight controller or a stabiliser for your first plane.
Wings are not good when you are learning, you want something that’s slower and a bit more robust.


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Thanks for your replies. I ll build 2 or 3 glider style planes and will start to train with them (still pusher stlye / elevon type but maybe some more stable flight properties for the start). i just found out that i ordered a type 1 transmitter, but as my products whren't sent out yet, i was able to change it to Type 2. For later on i also switched from the HK Bonsai II to the wingwing z84, which is bigger- might be easier to control and seems to be more substantial then the Bonsai, but before that i gonna try some motorized gliders.