Hi all, attempting third build as an FT Simple Storch, Have some questions.


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Hi All, first post here.

Self assessing I would like to believe i am at the higher end of the novice spectrum and I can fly a Nano Talon without gyro quite well. I really enjoy slow flyers so I bought a Simple Storch, I am planning Flaperons and Fixed but removable Leading edge slats. I understand basic aerodynamics and what leading edge slats generally do in slowing down the wing but how does this lead to needing better throttle discipline? Should I want to add a 3 axis stabilizer to counteract some wind (somewhat windy area where I live), would flaperons work as usual? And as far as flaperons are concerned on the storch in particular, should I be worried about tip stall tendencies? Am I overthinking things? Currently I am set up to build a lightened version of the storch akin to User: Bayboo's storch that uses a 140w motor.


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The storch is a great flying plane. Everything you are worrying about.... don't. Only thing is being lighter it will not handle the wind as well. Weight can be your friend when it comes to the wind. The slats help with lift at slower speed just like flaperons. I believe one of the storch videos Peter discusses that. If my memory serves me right the storch is a hard plane to stall also. Hope this helps some. Oh and welcome to group!!