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HK KK2.0 problems


Junior Member
I have a HK KK2.0 board running the current firmware with DT700 motors, plush 18 esc's stock firmware, and 10x4.7 props. It hovers nice and steady and fly's great, however every once in a while on its own it rocks violently back and forth. This problem just appeared out of no where. It flew great before then randomly out of the blue it started this issue. Im not sure what the problem is so Im turning to the forum. Heres a video from on board the quad, this day it was windy but it does it on the most calm days so Im ruling out the wind now.
Once it begins rocking there are no stick inputs from me.

Anyone with any ideas it would be greatly appreciated. I want to fly fpv and have all the fpv gear but Im afraid to fly because of this problem so im limited to slowly flying around my yard.


Junior Member
Thanks guys, I adjusted the gains but its too windy here with this storm getting ready to hit us. If I get a chance I will try to get a quick test flight in.
Yeah lowering the gains should help. If not then you're probably better off buying a new board I think or talking to customer service about fixing it (I don't know about customer service in hobbyking but it's worth a try). Good luck!