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HK Nieuport XII

Hi all,

Just joined here and thought I would post some pics of my HobbyKing Nieuport 11. It flies pretty good although I crashed it hard on the maiden. Coming in to land, not paying attention, rudder not trimmed properly, steep bank on final turn and a big altitude loss. It survived with minimal damage and has since flown numerous times with much success. I really like the look of these WW1 fighters but there don't seem to be many people with this particular model.
Anyway, here's some pics.


Joker 53150

Mmmmmmm, balsa.
I was really tempted to get that plane a week ago as it was a Freebie from Hobby King for a day. Just couldn't pull the trigger on it though. I like the plane, but it's just not at the top of my list yet. How is the build quality?
Build quality is pretty good. No complaints, although I would have designed it a little different. The lower wing is a little fragile, but you get that with the scale stuff I guess. Had the usual little HK issues like missing pushrods and motor standoffs but no real dramas. I reduced the amount of right thrust a little and now it flies really nice. Will do all the basics but nothing crazy. I did find it a little tricky to land but I think thats just Biplanes (this is my first). Like everyone says, you really do need to "fly" it in with some power on.
Oh, I did have a huge issue with the engine trying to vibrate the plane to pieces! At first I thought prop adapter wasn't concentric, then unbalanced prop, turned out to be the flimsy fibre motor mount would flex and at certain frequencies it turned into the tacoma narrows bridge! Fixed it by making a flimsy Alloy motor mount. It may have been caused by the way I mounted my motor without the standoffs. Anyway, once I found the problem it was easy fixed.
I do have some vid of it flying somewhere. I'll have to try and post it up.
....Just Remembered! You can see it on this vid if you skip to about 2mins. My mates floater jet with on board cam kind of follows it for a bit.

I think it is the same as the Electrifly from Great Planes. Someone in a different forum said the thought they were just quality rejects, ie the missing push rod tubes seems to be common. I have had my eye on this and the one from Electrifly for quite a while, so when it came up as a freebie I jumped on it. :D
Yeah, I was thinking the same about it being an electrifly reject. I just used some Stainless TIG filler rods for pushrods (tubes were preinstalled), and I bolted the motor to the triangle motor plate and then straight up to the firewall (with motor facing forward)which places the motor slightly forward from its intended postition. The only negative is that I had to cut a larger hole in the dummy engine to clear the front of the motor can. Balanced out with no ballast and flies nice now with the reduced side thrust.
Can't believe you guys got this as a freebie!!! Nice.