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Hobbyking Bixler used as normal Glider?


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Hey forum users! Just had a question I wanted to get everyone's opinion on. My buddy and I want to try using my HK Bixler as a normal sailplane. We plan on towing the bix up with his HZ Cub with a brushless 480 setup. I think it should be possible. We have a servo on the bottom of the cub that we will use to release the tow line. If anything bad happens my buddy can just hit the servo and we both fly away safely. This should work out considering the hundreds of cubs pulling banners and small gliders (with or without a brushless 480). Any feedback would be great!


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There are normally a tow release on the tug to allow to drop the tow line so it wont get stuck in the grass when landing.
There are different ways to release the line from the sailplane :
- a servo is one way
- a hook is another
- "welcro" is another often used with small gliders.

Are you going to take away the motor from the bixler to save weight?
A smaller battery will also save some weight - essential for a glider.

The bixler will never be the perfect glider but if you have some thermal you will get a lot of fun.
Towing is an art and really fun - try to keep the glider slightly above the tug all the time when towing and a HZ Cub will do the job fine.


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Consider attaching the tow point on the cub at or just behind the CoG above the wing AND putting guards on the stabs (e.g. CF rod) to prevent the line fowling the rudder or elevator. Common model practice is to go for a high tow position.

Possibly best to ditch the motor in the bix so as to get as much weight out of the back as the Bix does traditionally need a lot of weight up front (mine needs a 2200mAh as far forward as possible, compare a Radian which is happiest with a 3 cell 1000mAh pack). You'll still probably find yourself using a hefty 2 cell lipo in the nose with a regulator (e.g. an old ESC) providing power to the Rx.

Keen to do a similar project myself... I spent many happy flights as a teenager sitting in a Blanik behind an old Cessna.
On a Multiplex FunCub it is located on top of the wing - like glydr describes

My Skywalker glides very well and a foldable prop do wonders