HobbyKing Quadcopter Control Board V2.1


Hi everyone,

I am new to multi-rotor setups, and I was looking at the HobbyKing Quadcopter Control Board V2.1.

Except for plugging in all the wires in the right places and adjusting the gain on the channels is there any programming I have to do before I can get the Quad copter flying?

I am looking at getting the Hobbyking Super Mini Quadcopter Frame with Motors which was launched in December, but I need some assistance in getting to know what I should get.

My list so far :

Mini Quad Copter Kit

10 AMP Esc

LiPo Battery 2 Cell

Gold Connectors

Quad Copter Control Board

Spektrum 6CH RX

6 x 3 Props

Am I missing anything else?

Thanks for a great place to share this hobby.


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Hi Arno,

The HK board v2.1 is a low entry, low cost board, perfect to begin with.
Pre-programmed in quadcopter plus-mode, plug and play.

The nice thing is that it is 'flashable' with other firmware, like tricopters.
So if you realy enoy multirotors, you can try other platforms as well.

Your shopping list is good.
Some remarks:

- Get also the standard rotating props (order many of both !)

- Get loads of these (if you dont have them already):

- Order this for connecting the battery to the 4 esc's:

Or just the connectors and make your own :

Or get one of those power distribution boards (very easy).

- Get some sort of visual / accoustic battery alarm's.
I use these and work great !
When one of the led's becomes red, stay allert
When it stays red : replace battery
There are also versions with beepers.

- Get a good battery strap

or use velcro

- Get these for connecting the Rx to the control board (or make your own)

- Get cable ties

- Get another frame (without motors) for spare ...

- Make space in your house .. before you know it, it is stuffed with these things ;-)


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If you want to be able to flash the board with another firmware you´ll need to get this:

Those fore connecting the board to the RX

Then some rubber bands to attach the Props to the motors, which have an "onboard" Propsaver. The link the right ones is just below, when you go on your mini quad copter kit. It will say Spare rubber rings (10pcs) and these are the ones you´ll need to.

Maybe a programming card for the ESC´s

I think that this should be it.

Great: I was to slow.... Well done Burg, you´re awesome :D:D You got more anyway.


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Great thread. All the advice I was going to give is already there.

I've got one of these quads coming from HK at the moment (should be a few weeks yet). I'll be posting here my setup and thoughts.


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Thanks that would really help as I mentioned this is my first time getting involved in quad copters etc.

you will love it. :) quads are great once you get them set-up. They fly very stable, and fly very predictable. I had miniature aircraft's rotor x 404 and had such a blast with it, that I made my own design and never looked back. truthfully since getting into multi-rotors i havent flown anything else since. my airplanes and my heli's are collecting dust.

good luck with your build, post pics :)