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Hobbyking t-28 funfighter

Hi Guys,
I just got my T-28 and when I plug it in there is a constant beeping sound that seems to be coming from the motor once it's bound. I thought it was the ESC beeping and I could be crazy but it sure seemed like the motor. In the mean time, the motor will not wind up. All the servos are working, but I can't seem to get the thing to fire otherwise.
Any thoughts or ideas would be appreciated!


More combat please...
have you tried setting the endpoints?

To do this:
REMOVE YOUR PROP (for safety)
Turn on your radio, throttle trim all the way down (leave it there), move the throttle stick to full throttle, plug the battery into the ESC. The motor should NOT spin, the ESC will beep beep (high endpoint learned), move the throttle stick to off, (the low endpoint is now learned). The ESC should now arm normally and be ready to use. If it didn't work, reverse the throttle channel on your radio and set the Endpoints again.

and/or watch:
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