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Hobbyking Vampire


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Lock your doors Flite Test fans, because in this episode Josh and Josh talk about Vampires! This EDF jet is an amazing plane. Watch this episode to see how it flies and what the team thought about it!



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Great show! Darn Josh B, between this episode and the PTS Mustang, you've really greased a couple landings.

I loved the sound of this EDF. It's not as high pitched and whiney as most.

All in all, a very impressive show!
Yes the show was very good. I don't know why but I liked it more than the other recent ones. Probably because I like the plane also. Hopefully it won't get in the De-Warehouse in the near future. Shouldn't spend such huge amounts of money. (Just bought most of the things for a "David Windestall" Tricopter V2.5)


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Another great show Guy's, grew up watching this bird flying around Australian air base where my Dad was stationed and I can't wait for the release. I am for certain adding this beautiful bird to my hangar. Oh boy come on Hobby King. :eek:

Shaun. :)


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The Vampire in Australia

The De Havilland Vampire was the first jet used by the Royal Australian Airforce. We even built them here. I remember seeing this one http://www.saam.org.au/ourvampire.html when it was used as a display outside the S.A. Air Training Corps in Adelaide South Australia. Always has been a very beautiful and unusual jet. The review was almost enough to persuade me to buy one, but not ready for edf yet.


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Fantastic episode and a great flying plane. As others have commented, it sounds really good too. I'm not overly taken by the look/shape though...

Ah, just realised what it is that doesn't feel right. It's the outlet, which of course needs to be the way it is. Here I was thinking I wasn't a scale type of guy...
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I like the prospect of it being a not-so-underpowered edf model from Hobbyking. That's the biggest downfall to a lot of the cheaper receiver-ready jets offered anywhere. You end up dropping money on a new power system with so many that they aren't nearly the good deal you thought. If this actually can carry itself with some authority like Josh describes, I'll be keeping my eyes open for it!

I definitely like the different look of it too,
i remember seeing this one on hobby king but i didnt like it, but now flite test has done a review on it i want to get it josh.b does a good job at reviews and i agree it sounds good.