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Horizontal stabilizer falls of in 3d flight - Parkzone Sukhoi 29mm

Hey Everyone, here is my story and question:

I have about 30 flights on my Parkzone Su29mm, and I am now rather consistent at smooth flights. It is actually rather simple to land, and I am just starting to explore some advanced 3D maneuvers. Very fun plane and looks great.

Unfortunately last weekend I was headed into a hover, and out of nowhere my left horizontal stabilizer pops loose, hanging by the control linkage only. Needless to say she spiralled to the ground nose first, luckily I had time to throttle down. But no other way to control the plane. The fuselage broke in two, and I ripped a wing badly. No serious damage to electronics thankfully.

I have to say that I am shocked that Parkzone sells this nice of a plane with directions to adhere a small piece of tape to hold in the stabs (they snug into sockets in the fuselage and this tiny bit of tape 'holds them' in place, rather inadequately)

Obvious plan is to epoxy both stabs in place so this doesn't surprize me again--that is after I glue the whole thing back together

Q: has this happened to you? Seen this happen to anyone before?



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Welcome to the forums Electric Mike! Sorry to hear of the horizontal stab failure, but I'm sure you're not the only one to have this happen to. I've got a few planes where the manufacturer recommends using just tape (either cellotape or double sided tape) and I never trust them enough to do as recommended. Usually I will gorilla glue them or if I think I need to take them apart, might use a contact glue like Beacon Foamtac.