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hotwax Plan Index


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Hi mactek,

your wingtips are okay as they are.

In the old days, we made Styrofoam and Balsa wings for the Stick with just these wingtips.

Good Job, keep doing


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Hi all,

looking into outerzone.co.uk, I had this idea of spurious 50s Jets.

I quickly found the plan for the Cherry Bomb, downloaded it, made some rough calculations, took pencil and paper and here is the prototype. I made some minor errors, but nothing serious.

It's an experiment as I blended a standart Flitetest profile into a modified KFM-1.

Will it work? I don't know.

For a picture, look at post #1
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FB Cherry Bomb made its successful maiden.

It's a smooth flyer both upright and upside down. Slow speed handling will be subject to further investigation. Maybe a bigger rudder is needed.



I did a rolling circle and some loops and rolls. All went well, landing was smooth with little flair.


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FB Cherry Bomb got its vertical stabilizer enlarged and is flying fine, even at low speeds and high AoA.


Oh I like this stuff


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got Retro Fever

Hi all,

back at the building board, I started a new mini series: Foamie Antiques

1. FB Graupner Terry
2. FB Hegi Auster
3. FB Robbe Rasant (or Rasant Speed?)

It's a selection of well known German Classics. Hopefully I can turn them into planes, that can raise memories.

FB Graupner Terry so far:

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The FB Terry is nearly ready to fly. Some final touches at the paintwork and it's off the board.


It's a swappable!

I borrowed the wing profile from the FB Funk Max with a chord of 200 mm.
Span 1050 mm, Weight 686 gr, Batterie 11,1 V 1000mAh
Paint is household acrylic paint, rolled on. (30 gr paint). Black and grey areas are adhesive tape.

Maybe I should do a sport wing with only little diheadral and ailerons?


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red-white-red, very nice choice of color ;)
Sorry, not my idea, it's from the Graupner catalog:

Terry Katalog.JPG

Very interesting, the catalog from 1972 gives 1100 gr weight, my plane is unter 700 gr, I believe this counts as progress.

And finally I got the catch: Austria ... red white red ... okay, that's your point :))
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I might have to try painting a model of mine too, your terry looks so damn clean! Though Ill wait for the next full sized model as paint might be too heavy for minis

Also d graupner catalogs are indeed a good source of inspiration, thanks for that! My dad has tonns of them lying around at home somewhere. Ill for shure check some of them.