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hotwax Plan Index


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any progress to report on the hiper bipe? I'm looking forward to that one.
Well, I was going circles with this plane:

If I do it 1400 mm span, it's about two FB Flitesticks in close formation. Motor 4240, Batterie 4s 4000mAh. Should be no problem with Creat' Airplac, but with Adams Board, it would be prone breaking wings.

What I know is, the FB Funk Max is 1400 mm span, flys with 3635 on 3s 2200 well, but can do only very limited airobatics. The small FB Joke can do airobatics well, but is not a gentle flyer. Power off, it drops like a stone.

Maybe I should try 1000 mm span, Motor 3635 or 2835, 4s 2800 mAh or 3s 3200 mAh. But how about the weight. Will it be light enough to show the performance I'm looking for?

Who can tell?


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This Hiperbipe drives me nuts ...

I'm now at 850 mm span, whish me luck.

In the meantime the FB Frechdax is nearly complete:


Don't know why I always do 3 planes in a row????


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any progress to report on the hiper bipe?
Good News,

my first prototype of the FB Hiperbipe had it's successful maiden flight today.


It flys sweet, minor modifications nessesary:activating the lower ailerons and adding some sidethrust. The cowling got too bulky and will be redesigned.

I will report


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Tiled Plans uploaded

By public demand, I finally uploaded tiled versions of my plans, look at Post #1

In the end it was realy simple, but .....

Please report errors or issues


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Any news on the status of the plans for the Eindecker, Nieuport Bebe, or DH2 ?
I really like your builds, and have looked over your build photos quite a lot.
All 3 of these planes are on my "to do" list......love the WWI aircraft!!!



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This year was filled with unexpected work. So I had to share my activities. Drawing plans ended at the bottom of my todo list. I hope I can make it good.

Still 11 months to my resign from official duties


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no worries. I have 31 months before I get to retire and devote more time to my other pursuits: brewing beer, turning a wrench on my old MG, and building/flying rc aircraft. I also had a very brutal 2015 - 4 family funerals......not good. building foam airplanes was 1 way that I was able to think about something else.

I've looked over plans at outerzone, and downloaded several with the intention of trying to build using those. when I saw your posts and work (and the GREAT pics of your builds!!!) I thought great----- 1 less thing I would need to figure out!

take care, and thanks again for leading the way for the rest of us WWI aircraft fans.


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I derived a bit from Foamboard designs in making more of my vintage Rx's working.

Along this, I'm studying possible Foamboard Controlline projects. I already modified a MLP4DSM to act as a CL Controller with up to 6 Functions. The limited range should be no problem in this application.


The controller will be attached to my belt and operated by my left hand.

Spring will come
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