How Do I Connect Wiring to Turnigy 9X Receiver

Terry T

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I need to know how to use the channels when connecting the ECS and Servos to a Turnigy 9X Receiver?
IE - What is plugged into each channel on the Receiver?
The receiver was initially set up by a friend, and Bound to the Radio, but I removed all the connectors to work on some items and promptly forgot which went where.



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it is how it is set up in the mixer tab will tell you the order, but if you aren't sure ( or just about anytime you are powering it on without the need of the prop) take the prop off!
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Flite is good
How many channels is your plane using?

3 Channel plane, Rudder, Elevator, Throttle (RET)
  • Ch1 Rudder
  • Ch2 Elevator
  • Ch3 Throttle - ESC

3 Channel plane, Elevon (flying wing)
  • Ch1 Elevon servo 1
  • Ch2 Elevon servo 2
  • Ch3 Throttle - ESC

4 Channel plane, "Y" harness for Ailerons;
  • Ch1 Aileron
  • Ch2 Elevator
  • Ch3 Throttle - ESC
  • Ch4 Rudder

4 Channel Plane, separate aileron servo connections;
  • Ch1 Aileron servo 1
  • Ch2 Elevator
  • Ch3 Throttle - ESC
  • Ch4 Rudder
  • Ch7 Aileron servo 2

Flaps on a "Y" is Ch6. Dual flap connections is Channels 5 and 6.

There are other configurations for a myriad of different plane types. If that list does not cover your set up, let us know what your setup is.