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How warm should a battery/ESC get?

I'm wondering what the "normal" temperature of a battery and ESC should be after a 15 to 20 minute flight??

I flew my first plane (modified Stunt King) mostly with the canopy off, and the battery and ESC stayed pretty cool.

Now I'm flying a Clouds Fly (Floater Jet), and the battery and ESC do get warm, but not hot, at the end of 15 minute flight. The temp is similar to the outside of a full tea/coffee mug (maybe a little cooler).



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yep, as bicyclemonkey said touch and go! without finger burning.

Also keep in mind that the components get even warmer in summer due to the surrounding heat and the winter a little colder.
Thanks guys.

I just switched from a 5x5 prop to a 6x4 APC. The flying characteristics seem pretty similar, maybe a little more thrust now, and the ESC/battery feels a little cooler. Win win!

The Clouds Fly / Floater Jet is really great to fly. I highly recommend it. The name "Floater Jet" says it all.