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Hustler project epic fail + new project

Well if you are reading this and you heard about the hustler project. We also found out you can only push foam board so far with my knowledge and everything was way to hard for us or this might just be us being lazy but idk. Anyways the new project will be a f-4 phantom with two 70mm edfs. This might go good or just as worst, whatever happens I will post pics of the build on here. If I don't feel free to spam me as much as you want. We are working on build a mock up out of a Viggen and a X-29 after this, we will then scale it way up. Hopefully it will be way easier on us and we will hopefully get it done and working. Though we're currently trying to find money for this projects. Aswell me and @Noodles are working to get it done and hopefully bring it to flite fest Ohio 2019!
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