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I need help finding a Flight Controller

Hi, guys! im new to the flight test forums (although not new to forums in general) but i hear that this is the place to be. I need help finding a flight controller that is compatible with a drone design i am looking to build. Actually, any suggestions would be great, i had a versa-copter but i built that one from the recommended kit you guys (flite test) offer. this is my first build where I need to source the parts, and while i am mainly looking for a FC i am open to other suggestions as well. Here is the frame i want to use:
I need a flight controller that supports the v-tail design and has GPS on it, i have searched and searched but i still can't find one. Does anyone know where i can get one?


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Just about any Flight Controller will work but you will need to define a custom Motor Mix rather than using a predefined VTail. The frame manufacturer probably has done the legwork for you in their frame documentation, but if not, there may be info on RCgroups about the MMIX parameters to plug in. You should look carefully first at firmware options depending on what GPS functionality you are planning to use. Probably should look at iNav which is a fork of cleanflight. That has the most robust navigation features outside of spending big $$$ on a Pixhawk or Naza. If you are wanting to use Return to Home or any other autonomous features, you will also need a compass and Barometer.
One more option would be to use a Flight controller like the AirDTF Seppuku and dRonin firmware. It has OSD, Compass, and Barometer built in, and would just need an external GPS. It's currently my favorite FC and Firmware, but I have not had a chance to use much of the autonomous functionality yet.