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I'm a noob and I find abbreviations mysterious

Greetings everyone. I noticed that people are using abbreviated terms a lot which is not to friendly to a noob like me.
So you could do us a favour and list any abbreviations as a reply to this post like this:
TYVM = Thank You Very Much


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Welcome!! Learning the abbreviations and acronyms can be a bit tricky and you aren't the only one of us that's requested a glossary of terms. In fact, CaptBill started a thread back in December that may be of use to you. Keep asking questions :)

Glossary of Terms
Doesn't that completely annihilate the reason for abbreviations??

YMMV = Your Mileage May Vary
SMH = Shaking My Head

I prefer the magical portal of information called Google. Much faster than a post to a message board.

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Don't worry about knowing them all. It takes time and use mostly. I am not so new and am still clueless of 90% of them for the hobby and I was in the Navy so I should be accustomed to figuring them out.

Welcome to Flite Test. This is definitely the place for learning so just keep reading and you will pick up an amazing amount of knowledge here.

If you REALLY want to confuse yourself read a few of the build threads.. Some get very technical and can make your head spin.