I'm a Shark!


G'day Mate
now that I finished the shark I started looking around for my next project. I am noticing that other than the shark, eclipson and a couple different spitfires im not finding many printable planes. Am I just not looking hard enough or are there just not very many? I like building older ones, like WWI and II. biplanes and monoplanes from the turn of the century but nothing for free plans. I even looked for something like just braces so I could cover it with shrinkwrap but can't find anything like that either. Anyone know of some fun planes to print?
This page has links to about 52 free RC 3D printed model's files, I'm sure you'll find some you would like to print.


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that almost sounds like a challenge just waiting to happen ?
I sadly don't have the money for electronics though...... and I'm waiting on a new part for my ender. The extruder block broke, and I have an aluminum replacement part on the way. It should be here tomorrow


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I have been working on both the mosquito and the 1914 monoplane for the last few weeks. whenever the printer wasn't printing shark parts I printed parts for those, like the long overnight prints. So I have both planes well along and it just so happens that yesterday I ordered motors and ESC's so I'm hoping they will be the right size for the c-130, I know they are small but there are 4 so hopefully, they will work.




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@sundown57 - I am so sorry my friend, but I did have to show my wife the video - she was wondering why I was laughing! - my 2 cents worth on 3D printed planes is probably not worth 2 cents, but I have found the hybrid versions I have built to be the best and most robust - I think it is better to focus on the fuse with 3D printing and use foam wings as they are easier to build and more robust!