In Flight Tuning Yaw on a Tricopter with Naze32


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I'm using CleanFlight and have two 3 position switch (really I'm using the two dials) on my Taranis setup. I have to switch between the P, I, and D yaw settings and the other to increase/decrease their settings. I'm using PID Controller 3.

The problem I'm having is that I have no idea how to tune the yaw or what to look for.


Here's how I was trying to do it (unsuccessfully):
Start P around 0.5, and start I & D on zero
Get in the air and start increasing the P until the tail starts to swerve back and forth - then reduce it a little till it stops
Then, still on P, yaw left and right and lower P until the over compensation at the end stops so when it yaws it just slows down or stops without bumping back in the opposite direction.

At this point when I try to hover, it slowly yaws (usually to the left) - probably because "I" is set to "0".

I then switch to the "I" and start to increase it until the slow yaw stops. Then I test how well it stops after coming out of a yaw and check if it over compensates. Eventually it starts over compensating again and I lower it down a little till it stops.

At this point it feels a little sluggish on the yaw.

Then I switch to start adjusting "D" and as I change it, it starts over compensating again but when I lower it back down, it starts to not hold its position very well and I get frustrated and question why I even bought a Naze32 for a tricopter because my KK2 is AWESOME and just works (like in this video):

At one point, I thought I had the Naze32 tuned pretty well but when I started doing faster forward flight, I started getting a sway in the yaw again. I even tried FPV thinking I wouldn't fly as fast and it would be alright, but i was wrong and I started getting dizzy!

Has anyone ever tuned a tricopter yaw with a Naze32? I need help. This is about the 4th time I really given this a good effort. If I can't figure this out this time, it will just go back on the shelf until I feel like trying again in a few weeks.


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I know this thread is over a month old but was curious if you got your tri tuned. I have recently overcome a similar problem with yaw wondering on forward flight.

Background. I have a Batbone tri and a 330 quad both with KK boards. I have never had any real issues tuning these. I bought a mini tri about 3 months ago (HK Trifecta) with Naze32. It took me a long time to get this tuned to my liking. I think the tuning issues were a function of the tri rather than the FC. The Trifecta is small and twitchy. After I got the mini tri tuned I probably got about 100 flights on it before finally destroying the servo (replacing the servo in a Trifecta is a PITA, you basically have to take the entire frame apart).

So I replaced the servo, updated Naze32 firmware and switched from 6030 to 6045 props (I know better than to change so many things at once but I stubborn). After all the updates it was not flyable. It took me 2 batteries to get the PID settings right for pitch and roll but it would develop this slow yaw to the right on forward flight. I would actually be holding a little left yaw on the stick to compensate. I was convinced something was wrong with the Naze32, but the gyro outputs all looked fine (I am flying rate mode). I ultimately ended up cranking the I gain up and this ultimately solved the yaw problem on forward flight.

Some final thoughts:

*I am going to buy a KK mini just so I can compare performance against the Naze32. My mini tri with Naze32 flies MUCH better than the Batbone or the 330 quad with the KK board but I cant tell if it is the FC or the multirotor.

*I have a bluetooth module so I can tune the Naze32 with my phone. I can't imagine tuning the Naze32 without this.

*It is not obvious to me what was causing the yaw on forward flight. Turning up the I term "fixed" it but I dont know if the FC was just compensating for some underlying problem. I am getting blackbox set up under cleanflight on the Naze32 so I can try to figure out what is going on.