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Is the Taranis for me?

I'm looking for a transmitter that I can keep for a long time to come. I see the Taranis and it looks good, but I could use an opinion. I will be flying quads, hexes, helis, etc. for now but I plan on also flying planes later. I would like it to be able to work with Spektrum and AnyLink, and I have heard it can do this but I do not know how it does so if you could explain that would be awesome. Thanks for the advice.


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I have never used one, so I can't give any opinions on how it is to actually use. I have read up on it thought, so I know this:

I doubt that you will feel hindered by the TX. It can be set up to do just about anything. From what I have read, it is somewhat of a challenge to learn how to use it, but once you do, setting it up seems to be quick.

If you want to use it with other radio systems, you just install another module in it. The TX both has an internal FrSky module, and an external module slot. That way you can easily switch between the frsky protocol and whatever module you have installed, for example Spektrum DMS2/DSMX. You can even install another frsky module and have up to 32 channels =)


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I have my Taranis, if you ever have questions I will try and answer it or give you the place to go for it. The Taranis is a great radio. There was a bit of a learning curve for me because it was the first smart radio I have used.

If you are in to tweaking and modding then the radio is for you. There is truly no limits to how you can use this radio, every switch and knob can be personally configured to do anything you want. If you want to change switch locations no problem, switch mode 2 to mode 1 no problem. Then there are almost countless ways to personalize the sounds. Like mine I have changed every sound to Star Wars Yoda, then added flying music for background. Now I use the music as my timer. It works on Flight Simulators too, I use Phoenix R/C Sim. Though I am limited to only 8 channels on that Sim. When the radio goes out to 18-32 channels. I also bought a Orange Tx Module I use with the rest of my Spectrum and Orange gear, haven't bought the any-link yet though.

So yes I recommend it, for the avid and the pros. Just get on waiting lists and buy one, it will not disappoint.


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The challenge is finding a tarnis. Everywhere that carries them is back ordered. This transmitter seems to be a unicorn to me.
I heard somewhere in a different thread that FrSky is now increasing their Taranis production rate due to high demand, or something like that. I know a lot of people like Aloft Hobbies because they are located in the United States and are a friendly dealer.
I also know that these guys have had the Taranis in stock for quite a while, although I believe they are based out of Asia.


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I ordered mine on a Friday morning and Aloft had it to me on Monday on regular USPS shipping... Yeah, I like Aloft!!


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Warning! The default settings on the Taranis are NOT "AETR"

That information should save some other persons frustration that I had when I got mine not knowing the default.



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From the videos that I have seen, R. Scott Page on YouTube has some of the best tutorials for the Taranis and other radios running off of OpenTx.
Quick question about using SIMS with the Taranis. The turnigy 9x didn't work with the sim until you somehow disabled the module, which in my case since it was DIY wasn't an option.
Do I have to do something similar with the Taranis? Or is it just plug and play?


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The next Taranis firmware will emulate a USB joystick if connected to a PC. No more fiddling around with adapters, etc. :)


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Emulating a joystick is for sims. Makes an easier setup as most OS's will recognize and install automatically. Since the Taranis has a usb jack built in, I imagine all you need is to load the firmware and plug in the cable to use as a sim controller.
Just guessing here as I haven't actually seen anything on this emulator firmware yet...