Is there a way to make two motor planes with one motor configuration?


I was wondering, specifically for the ft guinea pig or planes like that, can you switch them to a one motor config?
Thank you!


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Do you mean convert the design so that it uses one large motor instead is two smaller ones, or do you just mean eliminating differential thrust so that it behaves like a single motor plane?

If the former, there are at least two designs that have both options. There is a single and dual motor Sparrow and I’ve heard of both options on the Legacy as well. The Guinea Pig would be an odd option for a single motor since you couldn’t put it in front of that huge nose, so it would have to be on a really tall pod or something.

If the latter, yes. Just run a y connector from the receiver to the two ESCs, don’t do any mixes, and it should fly the same as a single motor plane.