ISO FPV Parts for trade


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So I am building an FPV Plane and am looking for some parts. I don't have very much money right now so am looking to trade. I am looking for:

Some Runcam FPV Camera- Honestly would be open to most Runcam cameras regardless of if they have 4k recording or it is something like a eagle or swift.

Some OSD telemetry system- I am looking for an OSD that can display features like time flown, battery used, speed, and altitude on my Fatshark SE screen.

Some FPV Transmitter/Antenna combo. I would love something like 250mw but would be open to other power systems.

An FT Aurora Lt or a similar stabilization board.

Looking to trade for some of these objects. Just LMK what you have as I am open to other suggestions, thanks!