Issue between Naze32 and transmitter


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Hello all,

I have been watching videos of you guys on youtube and you guys got me interested in starting playing around with quads. So I watch some more videos until I decided to go ahead and buy myself a quad :)

I got a wizard x220 with a naze32 in it. I also got a Flysky 6CH FS-i6 Remote Controller with an FS-iA6 Radio Receiver Tx Rx. I made the pairing correctly between the radio controller and the receiver, I plugged the receiver in the naze 32 and set the transmitter in PPM mode.

The problem is that when I plug the naze 32 in the computer with betaflight on the setup tab everything work but on the receiver tab everything is frozen even though it seems to be working for everybody else. Even the preview of the quad is not moving. And of course when I move the stick on my remote nothing moves on the screen.

Do you have any idea why this might be happening? I am totally new in this hobby might be something totally dumb. (I plugged the power though and downloaded the drivers ;))

Also as a side note I don't seem to have middle throttle [RC input center value] available in the in the configuration panel.

I have been following those tuto:

Thank you for your help!!