Just received my 3 pack.


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Three pack is here and it's really nice! Very good package. All in perfect condition.

I love the laser cut accuracy. Everything is spot on. AND I'm supporting a really great crew. Thanks for all the good stuff, guys.

My power pod is built sans landing gear. I fly in fields and always hand launch.

The Delta is together except for control rods. No linkage stops in my inventory.

I'm using a Grayson Hobby disposable foamy power package. Size seems about right. Agree?


I powered a much heavier EPP Cheap-n-Easy with that motor and hope it isn't too much for the FT Delta. I'll start with a little 2S 500mah. I have 3S 1300mah bats that I use in the CNE, too.

I have a much smaller motor that I'll put in a very light build of the nutball. I'll use very little tape and glue and give it a shot. Maybe battery in a hatch for my belly landings.

Great stuff, FT Crew