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Kiss 24A Race Edition ESC Continuity Issue. Advise needed.


I'm building my first quad (Mr Steele config) ImmersionRC Alien 5" etc.

My Alien PDB has not got any continuity issues. The - to - terminals is a closed circuit and so is all the + to + terminals. The PDB - and + is open and not connected when testing continuity. All good there.

The Kiss ESC is another story :confused:. I've soldered clearly making sure no solder is connecting or bridging across anything, however i'm getting 70% resistance connection when checking - and + Kiss ESC terminals with a constant continuity beep that never disappears.

I understand a short beep could occur due to capacitors charging but I don't think this should cause a constant continuity beep.

Has anyone else soldered and used Kiss 24A Race Editions ESCs and got a closed circuit when testing - and + terminals?

Have I introduced too much temp into the ESC and nuked a chip causing a short?

Everything I've read and watched tells me there shouldn't be any continuity between + and - terminals anywhere on the quad. On the Kiss ESC, I should be expecting infinite resistance (open circuit) on the + and - terminals, yes?

https://youtu.be/_p1DyLZcabE?t=3m clearly has no connection (beep) on Kiss ESC - and +.


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I have a few things in my head that do not add up.

Yes you are correct with caps flashing a beep. Have you swapped polarity with your leads to see what reaction happens?

Next.. Do you have a power filter in line for your video system. That is an LC circuit that will produce a resistance but not a full on short. So you would be looking at the circuits Thevenin resistance and not just the esc. If so take that out of the loop and test again.

If you remove the filter and that changes go from there with your decision to power up. NO MATTER what you do make sure you use a smoke stopper. That being said the KISS 24a re esc's are pretty hefty and well built. I won't say bullet proof but I would think with a smoke stopper in the circuit you could power it up for a quick check.
Good info thanks. I desoldered all 4 ESC chips completely also taking all wires off it. They all have strong continuity between - Gnd and + power terminals.

Got 4 brand new kiss ESCs coming in the post.


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I would check where you did the soldering for splash blobs or spill over. I find it really hard to believe all four escs are bad. They are near bullet proof. Wipe em down good with some alcohol and a tooth brush and retest after they are dry. Then for giggles n hahas try measuring with the diode checker part of your meter. See if that resistance is directional. If it is I would power them up one by one and see if they turn a motor. I would use a protected power supply or maybe a gel cell to do so in case things are bad so you don't explode a lipo
I've uploaded a video to YouTube vid

Received 4 brand new Kiss ESC chips today, all saying positive and negative has a connection, has anyone else got a Kiss ESC and experiences the same?


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The only thing I can think of is the KISS esc's have a current sensing circuit. Since the meter sends current into what its testing and compares to a similar resistance to get a measurement it may simply be you are completing that circuit. If you have 8 esc's reading the exact same thing I say run with em.
Thanks for the help. I ended up replacing the multimeter and the new one doesn't show the continuity. I think i'm now good to keep building with peace of mind.


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Well, that's a first. :)

Glad it worked out!

I recommend you build this tool and use it every time you connect a lipo after soldering on your copter. :black_eyed: