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KISS fc spektrum satellite help

I ordered the KISS fc and the spektrum dsmx satellite reciver with diversity, but I have some questions

-In cleanflight, in order to get the satellite reciever to go into bind mode, you had to use the CLI. How can I do this in the KISS fc software? Or will the reciever automatically go into bind mode?

-Does the spektrum port on the KISS output 3.3v?


Fly Eagles, Fly!
If your spek sat doesn't have autobind (all the new "quad racing" rx's do now) you will have to either bind it on a naze through cleanflight or the old fashioned way with a receiver that had a sat port. Kiss doesn't have this feature
-the spek sat port outputs 3.3v and plugs right in


Gravity Tester
Also note that the newest KISS FC firmware (RC29) has issues with spek sats right now. RC28 should work just fine.