KissFC XSR Taranis telemetry not showing battery voltage


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I can't get the telemetry working with my setup. I have set up the KissFC with the receiver as the KissFC manual said and have the receiver type set to "FrSky SBUS" in the Kiss Chrome App. When I discover new sensors on my taranis I only get SWR, RSSI, RXBatt and A2. According to the manual there should be a sensor called "FVAS" and I'm not getting this. Also my taranis is running the latest firmware. Any ideas? Thanks, Tom.
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Reviving a freshly deceased post lol...

I'm having this same issue. Got a KissFC and an XSR tied up to it. I've connected the S.Port cable (yellow) to the Aux1 pad on the KissFC. Everything is great except I can't get any voltage info on my Taranis.

Any advice on this would be very much appreciated.


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Rotor Riot might have something in their Taranis setup, or maybe one of the other tutorial videos.

Been searching around looking for a solution. I'll post what I've done so far for posterity, etc, in case somebody else runs into it. As always, advice and ideas are welcome as I'm new to this and doing the whole "bull in a china shop" approach. :)

Updated the KISS/FC firmware to the latest (supposedly the rc28 version addresses this, I installed rc30). Ran into an issue with how KISS/FC and KISS/GUI interact with AUX channels, resolved that by updating to the latest version of KISS/GUI, fired it all up, still no voltage telemetry in the Taranis. Still researching to see if it's a setting or something I can address within the Taranis, or if it's something I'll have to live without (ugh) until I install an OSD or something.

Again, advice or insights always appreciated.


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Finally got it. After updating to the latest version of KISS/FC and KISS/GUI, I went into my Taranis and reset all the telemetry sensors/data. Once I did that, I clicked on "Discover new sensors" and voila, VFAS et al showed up. I haz all the magics.

From there it was just a matter of setting up the voltage display on the bar and setting my low voltage warnings, plenty of excellent videos on the YouTubes for that, here's the one I used:

Hopefully this'll stand to help the next noob that wanders in looking for the answer to this. :)