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KK2.1 ESC Calibration Problems


I'm new to this hobby and I'm building David Windestal's Tricopter 2.6HV for my first multirotor w/ a set of a Turnigy 9x Tx and Rx. When I finished building, I had this problem where the motor to the front right spun up and began throttling up even when I was barely giving any throttle and not touching the stick.

I emailed David asking about the problem, and he said that a throttle calibration should solve the problem.
Now here's the problem - everywhere I looked on the internet gave this process: Throttle up on Tx, turn the Tx on, hold down the 1&4 buttons on the board, connect the battery, wait for the two beeps, throttle down, and then wait for one more audible cue before letting go of the 1&4 buttons.

When I tried doing this same process, I first got a series of single beeps, then a series of triple beeps, and then several other series of beeps until it finally gave me the double beep I was waiting for. When throttled down and let go of the 1&4 buttons, the controller gave me two high pitched beeps and a few low pitched beeps. When I armed the board and throttled up, nothing happened! The rudder worked fine, but it was irrelevant as it is not controlled by an ESC. I kept on trying, and a few times the motor to the front right worked properly, but that was about it.

Is this just a problem with the board, or is something else going on?