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Legend of Korra Biplane Swapable

so after watching the season 2 show of LOK i'm now going to start building the Biplane from the show

how im starting to build mine from cardbored so i'll know how big it is with the power pod in

plz note that this a prebuild. i'll get the foum bored later.

heres one of the engine pods on the wing. i may make it a lil wider

here the tail.

i may add landing gear, but idk im planing to have this one fly. i hope i can have this one flying soon (if money still comes in)

i'll be adding a video soon.

if this needs to be moved plz do.


Hostage Taker of Quads
Nice build! be great if she flies well, but alredy looks nice even if she doesn't!

What's the AUW (all up weight)?
Nice build! be great if she flies well, but alredy looks nice even if she doesn't!

What's the AUW (all up weight)?
idk i dont a scale that smart. im going to say a pound but the cardbored. im going to make the one the flys from fombored. im hoping it will be lighter.

im hoping to get she to fly with "THE BEEF" system. since this is a biplane i hope i wont need to get a big moder (my spelling realy sucks) to get her to fly.

i realy want to make this not go over $150 to build.
i just made the landing gear

just cardbored and a few cote hangers, and 2 old RC wallmart car wheels :p

i'll be posting a video soon (if youtube will work)
i just got back from my Doller tree and i got 11 peaces of form bored. im hoping to get the ball rounding soon on this biuld and have it flying


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Sweet deal! Don't forget that when your mounting your servos and motors to either run wires before you finish glueing it together or hope you can fish the wires through.
well around 6 hours of work

im going to stop here and wait to get some money. i am planing to keep the card bored cuts. if this thang becomes a hit maybe it can become a speed build kit

im uploading a video
small update a request.
i just tested the cardbored prebuild powerpod i made and it fits

im planing to place a order once my mom and dad have a idea whats going on.

and the request. now i've been trying how for some time to make the logo on asami's Biplane from this since.

but sadly for me the skills to recreating a logo like this just falls flat every time. if someone is willing to give a time to make it for me i'll be very happy. but i will still try and make my own, but i keep failing :|