Looking for micro cams, and airbot fc and spektrum serial receivers.

Currently I have a couple of projects that I cannot finish due to budgetary concerns. I am a junior in high school and my current income is 30$ a week so buying multiple cameras and receivers puts a large strain on my ability to finish stuff.

I have a internal battery mount frame called and Avacado XL that I am experimenting with but I don't have the micro cam (any sony 600tvl super had sensor camera such as runcam sparrow, caddix, foxeer micro), flight controller and I need a spektrum serial receiver to get it flying.

The other stuff I need, another micro cam and another receiver is for my 2'' which im building on a libero frame. The frame looks like a mashup between a flyno cerberous and a bullshark and I have the emax 1106 6000kv motors installed. I also have the vtx, an aomway vtx-004. Aside from that it is missing all the 20*20 flight electronics.

Any help would be appropriated.

Happy flying-NolanF
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