I know that peter created a plane using the magnus effect using kfc buckets; however, could the flite test team be able to create a plane using this effect in a way that could be built in something like a speed build kit? Fingers crossed!!!


I'm sure they could come up with something!

Or if they want to work with me and Spinny Bird, I'm semi-local to them ;)

The challenge is adding non-foamboard parts and keeping the cost down. My spinny bird used 6X 3-d printed parts which are of course a bit more expensive/ time consuming to manufacture than laser cut foamboard.

At the very least you need a carbon fiber rod, bearings or bushings, and a way to mount those bearings like a flange bearing housing.

Adding the cost markup to all those parts so they can profit, and you are already likely above the cost of most of their foamboard kits.

How much do you want to spend on a disposable Magnus Effect aircraft?


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Saw SpinnyBird flying around quite a bit at FFE too. Awesome job on the build and flying! Was a really cool and unique one to watch!