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Master Series Builds, Past Present and Future.


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Josh said something about announcing something big in May.. he says that towards the end of the video.
other than that, they spoke about releasing ME262 kits.. but I don't think that was what John meant by the big announcement. (I might be wrong though, hopefully not :) )
I think them releasing the ME-262 kit and adding labels and marks to the kit so you don't have to use the build video when building.
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I'm really hoping the "big announcement" isn't the hieroglyphics they're stamping on their plans now. In a recent vid Josh said something about something really big that'll rock your whole Flitetest world. Something that'll change everything.
Yeah, me too! The team probably won't deem the new symbols as something big, it's new and good nevertheless.
I guess time will tell.. two three more weeks! haha :D
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Are there plans anywhere for that foam B17 I saw on the wall in one if those pictures?