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Matching electric RC formulas and propeller sizes!

Hey friends!
So I'm interested in using the skills I've gained from flying the FT3D along with tons of sim time, and purchasing a balsa build powered by a fairly decent sized electric motor. There are some pretty basic rules and formulas to follow out there about how to match a motor to an ESC, ESC to a Lipo, Lipo to the motor and ESC, you get the point. It took me a lot of research and thought to figure it what I needed to order from HK to build my first balsa, and I'm still trot sure it's going to be right. (Thinking of the mxs-r 50e by the way);)
Anyway I think you guys do a great job of explaining things so not only new pilots can under stand but also the more experienced flyers enjoy the episodes as well. (Upper Valley Fun Flyers love you're show!) I believe an episode about matching up these different devices on an electric aircraft whether big or small would be right up you're guys ally and a solid topic for an episode. Maybe even some do's and don'ts of electric flying for safety.
Either way, you guys are great, love what you're doing with the show, and have a great Day!