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MC Mini Stick 30 thread


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So I got a request for these plans, then I decided I should post them out in the open here, right? This is the first and only plane I've flown so far, and it turned out to be a great trainer.

30" wingspan
1806-2280 motor
850 3S
4 channel
thrust angle 2-3 degrees right, 5-6 degrees down

Plans HERE

Notes & photos on ways to secure the wing HERE

Lots of crashes but that's user error, not the plane's fault! A bunch of bamboo skewers and Gorilla Glue and it still flies like new. Flies like a champ on the 1806 A-type motor. I've tried it with a 2S and it seems like it would fly fine, but I like the responsiveness I get with a 3S.

Pretty good video HERE

It's a simple box fuse with a wing on top, and it's easy to customize any way you want.

318328_044d02468c960e63c96085f339082d93.jpg 318329_62e99f4da30ad66c38c703733d8d5f6a.jpg 321197_d643a031722e0a8d47d80c8594b020fe.jpg 321198_35a8384037ac890fdf19634242347fa6.jpg

I think it needs more tailfin, so I edited the plans to fix that.

For the wing tie-down I would suggest rubber bands & bamboo skewers. I used an internal structure that I like a lot but it's a little hairy to build, it has to be strong and very precise so the wing doesn't slop around. Here it is on another plane:
IMG_0721_resize.JPG IMG_0722_resize.JPG

The fuselage begs for some reinforcement inside of the sides, right under the wing from in front of the leading edge to behind the trailing edge. You could do this with bamboo. You could use a foamboard doubler in there but that will make battery access harder.

Popsicle sticks glued in should work well to reinforce the wing joints. For me the ideal solution is to laminate another layer of brown paper along the joints on the underside of the wing with medium or thick CA.

If you want help modifying the wing or something, let me know and we can draw it up.
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Well done Monte. Looking forward to some video. I like the colors too that brandy-wine red over the cream looks great. Did you get some inspiration from @rockyboy dreamer bipe with the same colors?


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Well done Monte. Looking forward to some video. I like the colors too that brandy-wine red over the cream looks great. Did you get some inspiration from @rockyboy dreamer bipe with the same colors?
Thanks man. I just vaguely remember from somewhere a long time ago seeing that color combination being "vintage" and I think it looks really sharp. I think that creamy yellow would work great with a forest green or a dark navy too. Now I gotta go find @rockyboy's bipe!


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Fuselage access is attained by removing the wing. The way I tie down the wing is really cool but for someone new to building I recommend using rubber bands. You want to put two bamboo skewers through the fuse for the rubber bands, but if you put foamboard doublers on the inside of the fuse it will restrict access to insert & remove the battery. You could cut & drill two pieces of a credit card and glue that inside, but also the fuselage will benefit from doublers to make it stronger. What I would do is use two strips of basswood from the hobby store, probably 2mm x 14mm, something like that. Maybe 3mm but no thicker. glue them inside the fuse under the wing like this:

Screenshot 2020-09-21 105852.png

Get creative here: You might do better with white glue or something like that rather than hot glue to glue these in. It's up to you. Then you can put the bamboo through where you need. I think the front one might restrict battery access, so you'll probably not want to glue that in. Leave it as a pressure fit. I didn't draw where the bamboo will go through the fuse because I've never done that. I'd rather not use rubber bands (but the construction is a lot easier).

The alternative is to build the fuselage a bit wider to accommodate foamboard doublers on the inside.

Here's what I did on mine. I built a frame/bracket that fits perfectly into the fuse, then put 4 dots of CA on it while it's mounted in the fuse and aligned the wing on top. Then I removed the bamboo and removed the wing with the bracket attached. Then I marked the bracket location on the wing, and carefully removed it from the wing. then I could glue it on perfectly aligned where I need it.

IMG_0897.JPG IMG_0899.JPG IMG_0900.JPG IMG_0901.JPG IMG_0902.JPG IMG_0903.JPG

Here it is after a crash. Then I learned how important it is to reinforce the glue joints on the wing.

Don't be shy about asking questions buddy.
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