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Mighty Mini Simple Cub (2/3 scale)

Hello all! I have been working on making a Mighty Mini version of Josh's amazing Simple Cub. I have revised the plans using Inkscape and scaled the plans down to 66%, which should make the fuselage able to accept a mini power pod. I so far have only built the wing and a power pod with thrust angle but will be working over the next few weeks to get the rest finished. I do have a few questions about scaling and making new drawings with inkscape.

So my number one issue is that when you scale the plans, the cutouts for fold overs are now too narrow to allow DTFB to fold correctly. Does anyone know of a simple way to enlarge these cutouts? So far I have been eyeballing it using a spare piece of foam, then making marks on the plans and drawing a new line with a pencil before cutting it out. If someone could help me with this I would be very pleased :D

Attached are my inkscape file and a 11x17 tiled PDF if anyone else wants to try and print and tackle this using the eyeball fold over cutout method :eek:


Here is my first attempt at the wing. I am planning on keeping this 3 channel so I did not include the aileron or servo cutouts. I feel like this wing needs more dihedral but we shall see. It is tiny compared to my tiny trainer wing! Also, I feel like the box spar could go away as it is very hard to build one that is this narrow.



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In Inkscape I just generate a line that is 4.75mm. I use that to give the spacing for the a/b folds and then just drag the lines to adjust.