Mini Edge 540 Build


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So I want to give a special shout out to @The Hangar and @mach1 rc for giving me a kick in the butt on this project. Thanks to them I’ll soon be submitting plans to allow others to easily build this amazing plane that Andres Liu and FT designed in a size more suitable for some of us to store and transport.

The plans that will be released are a scale down version of the original plans that are supplied by @SP0NZ with a few minor changes to tabs, slots and cavities so that it will suit 5mm FB, instead of 3mm FB after the scale down.

More soon.


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I just ordered the kit and trying to confirm if the 2212 motor on a 3s is going to be enough. There appear to be several reports that it is underpowered. Since it has been a while, any opinions since?