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Mini Edge 540 Build


I know nothing!
You are not having good luck with the Mini Edges! :eek::( @sundown57 broke his BBE in the same spot. I'll be taking both his and @bracesport's suggestion and shoring up that area on my BBE build. The crash was not in vain. You've demonstrated a weak spot in the frame design that persists through multiple models. I've learned a lesson here.

As for your crash, I've watched it on 1/4 speed several times. it certainly looked like it torqued over to the left just as soon as you gave it up elevator. I haven't the experience to tell you why that would be. :(

I hope the repair goes goes well and wish you luck on your next try with it! :)


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Also, I've been having a pretty good time adding lamination film to my Night Raidan (not that I'm very good at it mind you... Lots of wrinkles in one wing...) Anyway, I was thinking I bet using packing tape down the length of the fuselage (you could even hide it on the inside) would add a WHOLE lot of strength without a lot of weight to that weak area.