mini problems


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Ive finished building my mini guinea with the corresponding power pack. I connected all of the servos correctly and connected the second motor to the AUX1 channel on my reliever(spektrum a610). I connect the battery and the esc connected to AUX1 beeps in a pattern like its going through its progammable menu (.-..-...-....-) continuously. I watched the mixing video and before I pull the positive lead from the esc connector i just want to make sure its the right thing to do or if theres something i can do on the controller(dx6) or if there is something else im missing

thanks in advance for the help


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I just went through this with a Mini Cruiser. I haven't had the pin keep the esc from initializing. How do you have your mixing setup? Do you have have trim enabled in your throttle >>> Aux1 mix? Have you tried just using a Y harness on the throttle channel? Finally, if you want to pull the power pin I recommend getting a short servo lead and pulling the pin on that instead of on the ESC.


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I figured it out. In the end i think it was a combination of things.
What I did was remove the positive lead and immediately the beeping stopped and the mix i had already done started working properly.

But as I was going through it I noticed a few things that I'm still unsure about. the controller defaulted Aux1 to switch D (a three position switch) and I think that affected some of my debugging being that it was set to -100% all the time.

I now have a new problem. Now that the mix is working as essentially a slave. the Aux1 motor sometimes doesnt spin on start it instead wobbles back and forth at a very fast pace. After a few flicks of the stick it does eventually go but not something i want to have to worry about while flying