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mini-scout issues and questions


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ok, i work with kids and we got wind of the flite test store several months ago. we ordered the tini-trainer get-started-packet, and alpha, bravo, charlie combo w/o motors. since then we have also acquired a sim which we fly daily and log flight hours. so to say we are new at this is an understatement, but i am learning quickly. can't say enough about that trainer. i have a mini high-wing trainer and a baby radian that the kids currently fly.


we bought the mini-scout kits w power pack A.

the kids are using the speed build kit while i am building from scratch.

so far i have tried to fly it 8 times and 8 times it has been out of control and crashes almost immediatly.

i have checked CG both front and to the sides and all checks good. all servos have almost the low rate travel. weight was checked at 198g.

i guess my big questions are with the off-set of the motor, or torque correction. do you really need that much right and down? also, what direction should the motor be turning and conversely, what prop. i had assumed CW, but now i think i'm wrong and looking at the build videos again closely supports it. i somehow have both 6030 and 6030R props though?

which way should the motor spin if looking at it head on like a clock?

do you need that much torque correction?

and what else could i be doing wrong?

i built this plane to be a test bed before we threw the kids planes into the sky. so far i am little worried. i'm not saying i' a great pilot, or even very good yet, but until flying this guy i only ever hit the ground out of control twice. once a vert stab folded on my hand built vulcan after a vertical climb out of a double roll, the other because i had been trouble shooting another plane using the vulcans settings and had reversed the elevon setting and did not switch back. it was a very short flight.

here is the scout i built from scratch. pretty happy with it but it has taken a beating in those 8 attempts and i am worried too many more and i will be starting from scratch.



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When using a standard power pod, and when viewed from the front, the motor should spin CCW and you should not be using an "R" prop. If the power pod is standard and has the fairly substantial offset, and if you are using a CW motor, the plane will likely be quite hard to fly. It might not fly at all - never tied.

BTW: I had a mini-scout and found it quite easy to fly. Sadly, something broke on a windy day and I lost control of it over tall trees.



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as mentioned the Zprop should turn CCW snd the right and down thrust angle is definetely needed. Don't start with full throttle.


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ok. thanks for the input.

today we disassembled all 4 planes, made sure props were correct, motor spinning correctly, full thrust angle. completely reinforced the pod with packing tape.

what would you guess is the MAX weight for this plane to fly with this motor? i lied on my weight, i'm 216g. it's crashed 8 times now and had to get put back together. the kids are all below 200g.

if you look up the motor specs it states a max thrust of 460g, but i am having a hard time determining exactly what we are producing with the power pack A set-up and prop. any ideas?

for launching what throttle would you use?


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What battery are you using? I'm pretty sure 218 grams is OK for that plane. It should at least fly. Perhaps have someone shoot a video of your next attempt and post it? Someone will likely know what's wrong.

Also, I took a close look at your plane, and the power pod is sticking out much further than I remember. Check the build video, but I'm fairly certain the power pod goes all the way back to the wing. Is there a cutout? I don't remember now.

Good luck!



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for launching what throttle would you use?


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If doing ground runs and take offs start with enough throttle to get it moving and using the rudder to keep it straight and slowly increase the throttle to max. When the speed is high enough just apply a very small amount of up elevator and you should be away.

If hand launching set the throttle between 50% and 75% and throw it reasonably hard, (adjust with future experience), gain control over the plane and when speed has increased slowly slide the throttle to full.

Adjust the launch settings and throttle handling to suit the plane and your experience level.

P.S. Check out "Torque Roll" and "P" Factor to understand the need for side thrust and which way it should be applied.

Have fun!


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ok. took the plane into the gym this morning so it had a smooth take off. it will get into the air but after that it goes nose high and to the right. its completely out of control until i chop the throttle and let it crash. don't think she is gonna take much more abuse.

on another note, what prop are you using. i assume the 6030 from flite test is adequate since they sent it in the power pack?

i am going to try another take off later today if possible and will try and get some video of what it is doing.


Check your centre of gravity. It might be tail heavy.
Check your trims. When your right stick is centred is the elevator and rubber straight?
Have you set up the throw and expos on your radio?
My first experiences when flying FT planes was a disaster because I took the same causal jokey care with building and setup as the Flite test guys do. When Josh says "That's good enough" what he means is "IT MUST BE EXACTLY LIKE THIS". If your CG is off it won't fly properly. If your throws and expo aren't set properly it will be uncontrollable for a novice pilot.
Hope this helps.
see, things like this would be nice to have explained a little better in their build videos. it seems you have to look in several diff places to find all the info you need. then you don't even know if that is all...

as for the plane. i have checked and checked the CG. it is exactly where they say it should be. for the alst flight i moved it forward and that seemed to help, but not much.

what are you suggesting for throw and expo? my kids controllers don't have advanced adjustments on them like mine. i really hope that these planes are still flyable w/o, or i'm gonna be a little grumpy. FT made this airplane out to be a nice easy flyer that was great for beginners. if i have to do throw and expo i'm thinking it's not quite as advertised.


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It is sad that you are having such issues.

Firstly When taking off do NOT do so at the first opportunity or you may crash let the speed build up so you have better control response when it starts flying.

The sudden climb sounds like a CG or a thrust angle issue. Possibly increase the down angle but this should not be to much of an issue unless you are trying to take off at too slow a speed.

If you want to fly without resorting to the use of EXPO reduce the control surface throws. This will help reduce the "Overcontrolling" and porpoising during flight and the apparent "Unexpected" rolls and dives into the ground.

Contrary to what you might expect a Fast take off, high speed circuits and a fast landing give you the best control because the control surfaces require airspeed to work properly and the faster the air moves the more positive the control you will have.

Do not try to cruise around the circuit at very low speed because you will lose control surface authority and possibly stall and crash. Unfortunately a common newbie mistake.

Have fun!
ok, it was WAY to windy at the field this morning to test fly it. was able to get the micro p-51, the radain 2M, and alpha in the air. that alpha is just amazing. hoping to capture flight video from it tomorrow.

i did however add some rubber bands to help secure the pod, and built a simple CG calculator to ensure i was in the ballpark. i'd say i'm right where they ask for?


and the prop shots...



i also programed in 25% EXPO into my remote. see what happens in the morning.


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Yes, as I was saying, they do tend to gloss over a few things.
ya, myself i would really like written as well as video plans

The plans have a throw gauge, use that. If you don't have expo then just be gentle with your thumbs.
yes, i did check that and i am almost full throw at high rate, maybe 1 degree off.


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sorry, misspoke. i have almost full low rate, the max travel, correct?

i tried 5 times again this sunday to fly the plane. still has a bad right turn, nose high after take off, some input to try and correct, then crash.

flight instructor noted that the angle of the crease on my wing may be more extreme on the left side creating the right throw. i believe, i have corrected that problem. i also checked all of the kids planes today and they all look solid.

i also completely rebuilt a new power pod and bulkhead. i was able to sneak the motor a little farther back into the fuselage when installed.

i also re-checked CG. it will balance just nose heavy, right where they ask. i also checked lateral CG, maybe a little heavy left, but with the current flight situation is that bad?

may try and fly tomorrow and will hopefully remember to bring a camera.


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Is the wing and the horizontal stabilser in line? In the first photo it looks like you might have a twist to the right in the tail.
the poor plane has been crashed so many times it's hard to say what is in line, and what is out. visually it looks good. tried to fly again today after watching all 3 of my kids plane fly, it crashed just the same. guess i did something wrong in build. i was very relieved when all 3 maidened and landed without issue. after my issues i was a little nervous.


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