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My First FPV Setup--- Any recommendations for FPV Noob?

Ok-- So I'm not a complete noob to flight. I am a licensed private pilot and piloted single engine fixed wing craft as well as completed a few hours in a helicopter. I have had a two DJI Mavic Pros and have shot video and pics all over the globe.

However, I've wanted to get into FPV drone flying for the interesting cinematography you can achieve as well as the thrill of racing. So to start my journey, I bought the DRL flight sim and have been training in it. I even bought a Taranis QX7 to pair with the sim for the realism and I figured it would be a pretty good controller to get me deeper into the hobby.

I now believe I'm ready to get my first real FPV drone. I'd like to get something super small I can fly in the house that can take a beating as I bump into objects and crash. Perhaps a Tiny Whoop Nano?

I would need a recommendation on all pieces other than my QX7 that I would need to get me started. I'm not looking for top end stuff--but something that I can grow at least a little with.

Any ideas?

Thank you!



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If you want something that will fly great indoors the Mobula 6 is ideal, since you are not on Spektrum you will have choice with receivers , just make sure your radio is ACCST not ACCESS and can do D8 because lots of little quads use that. Brushed whoop wise the Newbee Acro is very good. Also check out the Larva X HD, it’s a toothpick with prop guards, they are a bit fast to fly like a whoop but would be good in a back yard.
The only other thing that you need is goggles. A simple set of box goggles like the Eachine 800 will do fine. Those can also be turned into a monitor if you get a better pair later, so other people can join your flying.

OutaTime FPV

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General rule of thumb when starting is to buy cheap enough so that if you don’t like it, you can get out of it easily. If you do end up liking it, luckily you can upgrade further down the line. This applies to goggles, quads, transmitters etc.!