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My FT Racer and FT Versa

Both fly amazing, both planes are solidly designed aside from having to strengthen the Racer's firewall. I think next build will be the Bronco finished with Vietnam era camo.

Only mods on FT Racer were beefing-up firewall and gluing a length of popsicle stick between the elevator sides, I was leery of the foam connector. I also used the template to cut clear plastic to make a proper canopy. I save clear plastic from packaging for things I buy, it is a perfect thickness for modelling.

On the FT Versa (FT-117) I obviously added the enclosure on top to hide all the electronics. The front of the box is open on the front sides for cooling, air exits at the rear like the full size version.

Hope you like my mods/finishing...


Sero, thanks!

Turnigy L2210A-1650 Brushless Motor (180w)
Prop: APC 8X6
Dimension: 28mm x 25mm
Weight: 49g (64g with all fittings, connectors & prop driver)
Kv: 1650rpm/V
Voltage: 11.1v 3s 2200 mAh LiPo 25C
Max Power: 180w
Diameter of shaft: 3mm
Thrust: 520g
ESC: 30A

The Hangar

Fly harder!
Thanks SquirrelTail, I appreciate the feedback! I am still amazed at how this flys. For fun and to experiment I installed a 3 axis gyro from Motion RC, wow, like on rails! Makes a huge difference in hand launching.
Wow - you’re really taking these things to the next level man! They look sweet too!