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My GoPro Adventures


Elemental Madness
Well, sorry guys, not flight videos yet, but I am going to use this thread to update you on the use of my new Gopro Hero 2. I think my first project will be some cool slow motion. I used some waterballoons to do a test and it worked out well I think. Once I get my super cub up this week I'll see what I can do.

Updates soon!!



Elemental Madness
I just tried out my new 16gb sandisk class 10 memory card and it cant shoot 1080p!! It goes all glitch-y and choppy! Whats going on?


More combat please...
yeah- so with mine, if I try to play the high resolution files on my PC it looks glitchy and skippy.
Once I upload them onto YouTube and watch them they look fine.
So in my case, it's a shortcoming either with my video card or with my computer-
Not sure about yours :)