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My Hangar

Hello FT, glad to see you guys have a forum going. Can't wait for it to be packed with countless numbers of information!

I just wanted to share what I have so far in my hangar. I started out with helicopters, but have recently been bit by the foam building bug and have built a couple RCPowers aircraft.

My first plane was the UMT-28 and I still love bashing it around in the sky in my neighborhood. It has definitely been through a lot, but with a few simple wing/fuselage/tail replacements, it's always back in the air soon after.

My second plane is the UMX Beast. I absolutely love this little guy and although I am not a very good pilot yet, it's fun to try to throw this one around in the air and push all the envelopes.

My third plane is a RCPowers F-22v2, I built from DOW 6mm foam and another one in 6mm depron. My DOW aircraft just had elevons and was a blast to fly, I had some mechanical errors with it, so it didn't last long before it was a lawn dart. I built the second one with 6mm depron and went all out with it. Grayson Hobby SMJv2, 50A ESC, ParkFlyer BEC, 2200mAh Skylipo 30c, 6 9g metal gear servos, Ailerons/Spoilerons/Flaperons/Rudders/Elevons all mixed together with my JR 9503.

My fourth plane is the RCP F-117v2 and I actually just finished it this weekend so it is waiting for a maiden flight. It running a GH MJv3, 20A ESC, 2200mAh Skylipo 30c, 2 9g servos and just elevons for control. I'm pretty stoked about this one because it should be just a simple slow flyer that I can just relax with.

I still have my original Raptor 50v2, but it mainly sits there and collects dust because I need to break it all down and find the source for a bad glitch I am having. I definitely think it's a bearing somewhere... just need the time to find it. The repair price is pretty high for these helicopters, so that is a deterrant from flying it.

Here are some pictures of my fleet.
RCPowers F-22 Crash (2).jpg DSCN3310.jpg RCP F-22 Rebuild Complete.jpg Me2.jpg 142-4213_IMG.jpg