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Naze 32 board, random yaw issues.


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Update 2:
Running the first test now and finally getting somewhere. The cleanflight software shows the quad slowly rotating at roughly 1 degree every 4 seconds. Working on setting up baseflight now.

Update 3:
Baseflight gives me similar results. I'm fresh out of ideas.
All of my Naze32 boards do this. It won't have any affect on yaw in rate, angle, or horizon mode.
What I noticed is when it's connected to cleanflight with no battery connected the onscreen model sits perfectly still, but as soon as I connect the flight battery it slowly rotates clockwise on the screen. In flight I notice this as well. It's very slow and controllable but annoying. What made my craft flyable is using PID controller 2 and it's a lot better now (still a slight rotation but the controller seems to iron it out).
Does this rotation worsen overtime as mine does? At first the rotations are manageable but they aren't constant like yours seem to be and it gets worse over time, to the point it becomes un-manageable.


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Possible Yaw Fix...

Hey, just in case you're still puzzling over this one - I may have a fix...
The same problem has been aggravating me for a LONG time. I was using Baseflight and then had a go with the stock Cleanflight defaults setup. Still randomly yawing CCW whenever it feels like it.

Also noticed that after an intentional CW yaw input, when releasing the stick, the quad would correct a small amount CCW, BUT after an intentional CCW yaw, when releasing the stick, the quad would continue the CCW yaw, to a similar extent as the 'correction' from a CW yaw.


The fix for me was to flash the most recent firmware in Cleanflight, then choose the
"MultiWii (rewrite)" option for the PID controller
. Simple as that.

The other controllers (Lux, Harakiri, MultiWii 2.3 etc) all still gave dodgy CCW yaw issues, though not as pronounced as the "MultiWii (old)" controller.

I hope this might help someone. Has anyone else found another fix perhaps?
The problem may not be related to your FC at all, but to the transmitter. I had similar issues with my Dragonfly and a FlySky FS-T6. I'd get a steady yaw that I couldn't zero out.

Looking at the Receiver tab on CleanFlight, I'd see a lot of "jitter" in the yaw channel -- which I attribute to low-quality potentiometers on the transmitter gimbals (I've had problems with them failing before). Enough of a jitter can lead to yaw drift or strange behavior.

Some boards can compensate for this by longer-term averaging of the yaw inputs to reduce the impact of this input jitter (ignoring very short-duration noise in the input, essentially). There's a setting you can make on the Naze32 acro to increase this value.

Here are some starting references:



Google Naze32 yaw deadband for additional info. This helped my yaw drift issues. (I've since upgraded to a better radio.)