Naze32 A-Tail Complete...It Flies


Thanks everyone who guided me on my project. I am starting a new thread because the finished design is so different that what I started with. If you want to see how it started out, see the below linked threads:

First, let me start with some pictures...I know that is what everyone wants to see:


What I wanted was a very fast, agile, and crashworthy V-Tail Quad of my own design. I began with the Batbones (a flight tested design) and experimented and learned how to use my table saw. As I added added components, I realised that I didn't like the way that everything had to be attached to the outside of the frame...there was no place for the esc's, battery, and fpv gear. So, I started over.

I am using the Naze32 Funfly board that I have flashed with Cleanflight. I have the FrSky D4r-II receiver plugged in using CPPM (8 channels). I am using RTF Quads F-30A esc's, SunnySky X2212-9 1400kv motors, and HQ 8x5 props all being powered by 2,200ma 4S Lipo.

I maidened it yesterday. I was happy to just keep it off the ground. It flew pretty good with stock PIDS, and took a while for me to get used to it. It was much faster and more responsive than my Titan Tricopter. Cleanflight has an autotune feature and I tried it yesterday, but as soon as I pulled the switch, it made a very quick lurch to the left. I got that on video.

Today, I went to a much larger field. The autotune feature is not documented very well so I didn't really know what to expect, but it works very well once you figure it out. One note is that when autotune is activated, you have no control over the quad at all. After the autotune, it was rock solid in the sky. I also tried full throttle and this thing is a rocket ship compared to my tricopter. If pushed, even a little, this is definitely beyond my skill level. I'm going to have to practice with it quite a bit.:D

If you were following this project in m other posts, you know that the first Naze32 I got was a dud. It was replaced free of charge, but I ordered another just in case. I ordered from DroneMatters and would highly recommend them. They are very easy to deal with. I think I will put the other in my tricopter. My APM is a great board, but it doesn't handle anything like the Naze32. With my tricopter's longer booms and lower KV motors, it will be a good transition. I think I'd rather learn to flip on that anyway.

I still don't have all of my FPV gear installed, nor all the usefull telemetry features working, but one at a time, as I learn more about the Naze32, I will get them working.

For those of you who may want to use a Naze32 on your A-Tail, here are the CLI commands I am using to get it to fly:

Feature -RX_Parallel_PWM - turn off PWM
Feature RX_PPM - turn on PPM
Feature Motor_Stop - motors won't spin when throttle at minimum
Feature VBat - turns on voltage monitoring
Feature Telemetry - Turns on telemetry to my Taranis
Mixer Vtail4 - loads motor settings for V-Tail/A-Tail
Map AETR1234 - Futaba/FrSky PPM channel order
Set Aligh_Board_Yaw=-90 - I have the USB port on the right side of the craft

I also changed my RC Rate to full and Expo to 0 on the board. I am letting my radio handle both of these settings.

I am real happy with how my A-Tail turned out and am quite proud of it. So, I know that all of you will want to build one.:cool: All kidding aside...if anyone is interested, I can scan the plans and upload them. Just let me know.


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Beautiful build.

Looks like a fun flight.

What's it weigh and how big is it?
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Nice design, man. I really like the landing skids.

There's a lot going on in this video! Stay on the porch for your own safety, gunfire, "get the dog on a leash!" LOL
That'll all mess with your focus!


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Looking great, I'm really thinking about using the parts on my knuckle to build an a-tail or v-tail setup. When you say RC Rate to "Full" do you mean 1.0? Or something higher? Get it up around 1.2 and flips should be no problem. A bit (0.30-0.40 of PID Rate would also help.)

Would love to see some before / during / after autotune footage. I'll probably be trying it myself at some point...just not sure I trust it yet ;)


First of all congrats for getting this thing in the air!
I know how rewarding it is to design the frame yourself and work out all the problems.
This last form you got to is perfect especially for beginners, there will be no problems with orientation.

Maybe you could share a little more about autotune procedures, I want to try it on my ZMR250 clone.